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Why Buy a Hyundai Hybrid?

Why Hybrid?

When it comes to choosing a new vehicle, options abound for modern motorists. With so many makes and models at your fingertips, narrowing things down can seem like a challenge. As a first step, why not consider all of the benefits that come with owning a hybrid?

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced emissions
  • Potential for tax incentives
  • Potential High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Exemptions
  • Responsive torque
  • Lasting resale value

Hyundai’s Commitment to Going Green

When it comes to creating a greener future, Hyundai is hard at work helping to lead the way. At every step of the process, from sourcing sustainable materials to innovating new technology, the automaker is striving to make it easy for modern motorists to enjoy a greener approach to their time behind the wheel.

Hyundai’s aim is to embrace green energy and to have a fleet-wide average of 54.5 MPG by 2025, and the current lineup is well on its way. By constantly working to create new technologies and to improve existing ones, the brand is always improving. With the recent addition of plug-in hybrid models and Blue Drive technology that enhances efficiency, it’s easy to see that Hyundai is up to the challenge.

Of course, there’s more to a better future than just what we do on the road. Hyundai’s Green Move initiative is a multi-faceted approach to going green, including efforts to implement new recycling programs, plant new forests, and protect wildlife habitats around the world.

Available Hyundai Hybrid Models

To learn more about how you can go green with the latest Hyundai models, or to schedule a test drive with our team, don’t hesitate to contact Alexandria Hyundai online or to give our dealership serving Virginia and Washington DC a call at (703) 535-6840 today!